Lampe Berger

How to Use Lampe Berger

November 10, 2016


Here's your simple guide on how to use your exquisite Lampe Berger lamps.


Step 1: Fill the lamp with about 2/3 of Lampe Berger Purifying Scent.

Step 2: For first time use, let the lamp sit with the cap on for 20 minutes to allow the wick to soak the oil.

Step 3: After 20 minutes, you may already light up the burner and blow it off after 2 minutes.

Step 4: Once you blow the fire off, place the vented cap. Your lamp is starting to work.

Step 5: After 20 minutes or more (20 mins/sq. m), you may turn the lamp off by simply placing the cover/stopper on top. Once done, the lamp stops working.             

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