Anti-Odour Reed Diffuser

Maison Berger Anti-Odour Reed Diffuser

December 02, 2020

Consumers have increasingly opted for a reed diffuser to perfume their homes. This is a practical and popular way to add fragrance to any room. Unlike candles, reed diffusers can be left unattended without the risk of flame spread. With the growing popularity of reed diffusers, Maison Berger created its own version of scented Anti-Odour reed diffuser.

A particular line though was brought to life by the master perfumers from France and this is the Maison Berger Anti-Odour Reed Diffuser Collection. This collection offers another way of perfuming and decorating your interior as it is able to offset specific smell instead of masking it like the ordinary reed diffusers. This collection boasts of 4 different flavors to combat the odour from the Kitchen, Bathroom, Tobacco, and Pets.

1. Anti-Odour Reed Diffuser for Pets in yellow – a special formula with a fruity and floral fragrance, neutralizing unpleasant smells of our beloved house pets.

Anti - odour for pets

2. Anti-Odour Reed Diffuser for Kitchen in red – specifically designed to block unwanted odors and freshen up your kitchen with floral fragrance.

Anti-odour for kitchen

 3. Anti-Odour Reed Diffuser for Tobacco in black – a formulation with a woody fragrance that eliminates unpleasant tobacco odors making your room smells fresh again.

Anti - odour for tobacco

4. Anti-Odour Reed Diffuser for Bathroom in blue – an aquatic fragrance that takes away humidity, dampness, and sweat odors restoring the ambiance on your bathrooms.

anti-odour for bathroom



This Maison Berger Anti-Odour Reed Diffuser Collection comes in a frosted glass cube prefilled with 125 ml perfume and 8 sticks of polymer reeds. Refills are also available so you don’t have to worry about buying the entire cube again when you finish in 4 – 8 week’s time. The refills are available at 200ml per bottle and the replacement reed diffuser comes in a pack of 8 or 6 depending on the design. The technology owns a patent on the molecular release of the perfume to neutralize the bad odour.

Maison Berger Anti-Odour reed diffuser fragrances are designed especially for each diffusion function. It must not be mixed with other fragrances, make sure to choose the proper fragrances refills for a fully functional reed diffuser at home.


To know more about Maison Berger Anti-Odour Functional Collections, click HERE.


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