Maison Berger: Christmas Gift Ideas

Maison Berger: Christmas Gift Ideas

November 05, 2022

Are you still undecided of what to give your loved ones this Christmas?

Don’t Panic! Maison Berger Philippines is here to give you the best and the most unique idea for that memorable Christmas present ever.

Make gift-giving this year an unforgettable one by gifting them with something new yet valuable present.



Invented more than 120 years ago with a purpose to purify the air, firstly in hospitals, and now it can be used just anywhere in your space. The lamp’s function is not only to purify the air, but to destroy unpleasant smell as well as to perfume the area.

What’s great is that any Maison Berger Lamp can be used as an added accent to your interior or even as a home décor! And above all, these lamps, and the scent it diffuses helps strengthen one’s well-being and gratify both the body and mind.



Gift her with these lamps that are timeless elegant piece in a box, eye-catching and adds a striking look to her space or with these aesthetically pleasing reed diffusers pre-filled with scents she can’t resist

  1. June Giftset White with Pure White Tea - A haven of calm and soothing purity of the Pure White Tea scent in a lamp!
  1. Facette Lamp Nude Gift Set with Cotton Caress- let her immerse in the relaxing scent and feels of this opulent and chic lamp.
  1. Matali Crasset Pre-Filled Transparent Reed Diffuser- An innovative yet chic statement of piece pre-filled with the enticing Eternal Sap scent, aromas of eucalyptus, clary sage and patchouli.
  1. Dare Lampe Mocha-Grey- This elegant gift box comes with complete catalytic burner, a solid snuffer cap, decorative shade, filling funnel and instructions for use.
  1. Aroma Relax Reed Diffuser Pre-filled with Oriental Comfort- a minimalist transparent glass pre-filled with scents that will truly give her a quality rest, reduce her nervousness and stress.



Surprise him with these modern, distinctive and certainly useful Maison Berger lamps, car diffuser and reed diffuser.

  1. Resonance Car Diffuser Heavenly Sun- This is a perfect gift as this contains aroma generates calmness and gentleness.
  1. Land Lamp Moss Green- evokes the natural world with its green hue and art deco design that can add accent to his interior.
  1. Fresh Green Grass Reed Diffuser- Let him breathe a fresh air with this reed diffuser as this contains fragrance that depicts hints of fresh plants and greens.
  1. Diamant Lamp Gray- A unique and stylish way to perfume and purify his indoor air.
  1. Alliance Reed Diffuser Green- Make him feel that he can still enjoy his freedom with the help of the natural woody scent dispersed through this diffuser.

They say it’s the thought that counts, and with these gift ideas surely the recipient will feel how valuable he/she is to you because these gifts are not only for decoration but also helps for the betterment of his/her well-being.

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