Maison Berger your best travel companion

Maison Berger your best travel companion

July 08, 2021

Traveling gives joy to most people as it creates fondest memories and reduces stress. We surely enjoy traveling at most when we are with our loved ones or a group of friends. Yet, as we travel with them, we cannot help that some might feel sick during the entire time of travel. The sudden symptoms of dizziness, sweating, or vomiting, that they feel is what we call motion sickness.  This uncomfortable feeling usually occurs when riding a car, bus, plane, boat or amusement rides.

Motion sickness is an imbalance between what you see and what you feel. When the car is moving forward while your body sits still is the imbalance that causes you to feel sick. This type of illness is not a life-threatening condition but, when not address will make you feel uneasy and tired on the whole road trip.

How to prevent motion sickness?  

Here are the few things that you can do to quickly relieve or prevent motion sickness:

  • Plan ahead on your booking trip. Ask for a window seat and avoid facing at the opposite position. Sitting facing against the direction of the vehicle will worsen motion sickness.

window seat

  • Change into a more comfortable position. When riding a car, lean your head against your headrest to help lessen head movements.


  • Stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water and avoid caffeinated beverages as these may contribute to dehydration and make nausea worse. You may also try fast-acting natural remedies to help stop motion sickness such as lemon juices or some ginger tea.

Natural remedies

  • Use a friendly scent car diffuser that has a certain aroma that helps prevent motion sickness. You may try out Maison Berger Aroma Travel Car Diffuser Refill. This is specifically created for people who feel ill when having a long car trip. The fragrances found in our Maison Berger Aroma Travel refill pack are amber; peppermint and ginger. These essential oils composition are known to soothe car sickness and have anti-nausea properties. Maison Berger puts the health and well-being of our clients at the center. 

Maison Berger Aroma Travel

You deserve to enjoy every car journey with your loved ones or with your favorite “barkada”. Don’t stress yourself out while wandering around; make sure to have the most essential and best travel companion – Maison Berger.

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