Life’s good with Sandalwood

Life’s good with Sandalwood

November 01, 2022

How’s life treating you so far?

Are you feeling stressed out with the continuous increase of prices for our basic needs? Are the extreme changes of our weather conditions making you fearful? Or are you dealing with anxiety, loneliness, and depression?

We may not be able to personally hear your answers to these questions but please know that we, at Maison Berger Philippines cares deeply for you and your well-being.

If life is being harsh to you right now, we have a ritual you can do to help you cope up and help you have a healthy well-being.


Light Up a Maison Berger Lamp with Sandalwood Purifying Scent

Regarded as one of the leaders in aromachology industry for more than 120 years, Maison Berger’s lamp does not only purify your indoor air, but the scents diffused by it helps strengthen your well-being.

One of the best-selling and most helpful scents of Maison Berger is Sandalwood Purifying Scent.

The fragrance from Sandalwood oil is used to:

  • stimulate peace and clarity
  • promotes positive thinking
  • lower stress levels
  • fights nervousness
  • relieve anxiety and depression

Also, the soothing, subtle, and softly woody aroma of Sandalwood promotes better sleep by making you feel more relaxed and alleviate symptoms of insomnia.

When you’re having a bad day or overwhelmed with bad emotions just light up a Maison Berger Lamp with Sandalwood Purifying Scent and let its aroma comfort you. Sandalwood produces a long-lasting fragrance that will continue to linger even after you cover the lamp burner with the cap filling your space with warm and calming ambiance.


And here’s a comforting and good news for all of you!

You can have a 1L Sandalwood Purifying Scent and get any 500ml purifying scent at 90% off from November 1 to 30, 2022! Avail this limited time offer or you’ll regret it later!

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