Maison Berger’s #ScentOfSummer

Maison Berger’s #ScentOfSummer

April 06, 2022

Another summer time is here and it’s time once again for another exciting and an even more spectacular summer promo for your summer time escapade. For the whole month of April and May we have prepared amazing promos that you will surely love. Read along to know more.
Scents of Summer 2022
Promo 1:
Buy 1L Zest of Verbena or Fresh Green Grass or Green apple Purifying Scent and get the next 1 Liter fragrance of your choice at 50% off.
Zest of Verbena Purifying Scent 1L – is a fresh and citrus fragrance. The scent helps in cases of slight insomnia, reduces stress and anxiety while calming tension, and helps one to clarify muddled thoughts.
Zest of Verbana

Fresh Green Grass Purifying Scent 1L - is like a breath of fresh air. Simple and effective, it calms anxiety and nervous fatigue and positively influences morale. The scent of the sweet smell of freshly cut grass completes the calm atmosphere at your home.

Fresh green grass

Green Apple Purifying Scent 1L - a perfume recreating the fragrance of apples.  The scent calms stress and improves sleep. Its refreshing aroma helps balance the nervous system.

Green Apple



Promo 2:

Buy 1 and Take 1 for Coconut Monoi and Heavenly Sun Purifying Scent 500ML Purifying Scent

Coconut Monoi Purifying Scent 500ML - a refill that will give you the tropical and summer feel that you always wanted. The top note provides you with a sweet and tangy fragrance. The middle note will let you experience the warmth of the summer with its honey fragrance together with vanilla. And finally, the base note will make you feel the happiness and joy that can emanate the summer vibes, this coconut fragrance is a must-have!

 Coconut Monoi


Heavenly Sun Purifying Scent 500ML - will let you experience the lightness of the sun. The top notes provide the fruity and juicy effect of mandarin with the help of bergamot. Found in the heart note is the essence of different floral elements such as rose, orange blossom, and gardenia. It helps creates balance and harmony for all the olfactory essences. The spicy vanilla and fruity coconut as the base notes contribute to the exoticism of this fragrance. The scent creates a warm and inviting atmosphere in your home.

Heavenly sun


You can avail of this promo by visiting our physical stores or through our online stores below:

Maison Berger Philippines



Wait there’s more! Are you in Zalora? We also have something special only for this summer season.

You can enjoy a 25% OFF with minimum spend of Php 1,599. So what are you waiting for get up and visit stores near you or add to cart now! 

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