Light up your Maison Berger

Light Up your Maison Berger

March 18, 2020

Every one of us is at risk of getting diseases coming from bacteria and viruses present in the air. There’s a high possibility of a person catching such diseases simply by inhaling the air around, these are called airborne viruses and diseases.

Once you inhale a certain amount of bacteria and viruses present in the air, these pathogens will stay in your system. And because these germs travel through the air, it is hard to contain or control them.

There are also airborne irritants present in the air that can cause allergy or asthma. Aside from that, smoke, dust, and other small particles can also be seen floating in dirty air. Cleaning the air will keep you away from such irritants that can cause disease, allergies, and asthma.

Through eliminating these bacteria and other air irritants, you can reduce the times where your respiratory system is exposed to these damaging pollutants and germs.

Keeping the air around you clean and safe will not just help your lungs and respiratory system. There are also other additional benefits that you can surely enjoy.

Better Concentration and Productivity

It is a common knowledge that our brain needs a certain amount of oxygen to function properly. This means that the cleaner the air, the greater the quality of oxygen getting in the brain, as a result, your brain will function much better enhancing the concentration of the mind and develops better productivity.

Improved Immune System

The most effective way of keeping us safe from airborne diseases is to clean the air. An air that is contaminated with germs and bacteria poses a huge threat to our immune system. That is why it is important to keep the air we breathe clean and fresh. This will surely help enhance our immune system.

A Sound and Quality Sleep

The quality of air present during your sleep is one of the deciding factors in order to have a good night's sleep. This is because while we are asleep the only thing that we do is to breathe, and obviously, we need air for breathing.

Once the quality of air present is poor, one will surely suffer poor quality sleep. If you wanted to have a sound and quality sleep make sure that the air around you is safe and clean.

Light up the Maison Berger for the standard time of 2 minutes. Once you are done lighting it up turn off the fire and enjoy the fragrance that Maison Berger produced while it simultaneously clean the air around you.

Want to make the air around you safe and clean? Maison Berger is here to help you. The Maison Berger was originally made as a pharmaceutical dispenser intended to kill the germs and bacteria present in the air as well as destroying the foul odor in the air.

It helps in preventing the spread of bacteria and diseases inside the room. It also helps purify the air. With the current happenings worldwide, it is better to go an extra mile when it comes to staying healthy, don't just sanitize your hands, purify the air in your home as well!

You only need to light up the catalytic lamp for 2 minutes. Once you’re done, simply put out the fire. The catalytic lamp will do the thing for you, purifying the air while destroying the germs and viruses present in the air. For 20 minutes, it can cover up to 8sqm room, purifying and showering scents for several hours.

You can now breathe safe and fresh air without worries.

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