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What are the benefits of the Lampe Berger?

Lampe Berger is a one of a kind home fragrances that actively purifies, cleanse and perfumes the air indoors.  A catalytic diffuser responsible for destroying undesirable odors. Lampe Berger is an essential partner for anyone wanting to breathe purified air while enjoying the effective diffusion fragrances in a magnificent decorative item.

Can a body fragrance be put into a Lampe Berger?

No, only a combination of Lampe Berger’s home fragrances with the burner method of diffusing guarantees the consumer quality and safety.

Can you use the Lampe Berger when children are around?

Yes, provided you follow the recommendations for use and make sure that they do not handle the lamp by themselves and that the lamp is out of their reach.

Can you leave the Lampe Berger on all the time?

No, catalytic lamps is not intended for that. Its period of use is a maximum of one minute per cubic meter, in other words 20 minutes’ use in a 20sqm (51.60ft2) room

What is the life span of a lamp?

A very high quality catalytic lamps. Lampe Berger will accompany you for many years provided you look after it and with the right use of the product. In particular, only use Maison Berger home fragrances or purifying scents and make sure to regularly renew the burner for the optimal use of your Lampe Berger.

In which rooms can a Lampe Berger be used?

Anywhere: living room, lounge, bathroom, kitchen, office, bedroom, corridor, entrance. The atmosphere that you will create will vary according to the choice of fragrance and room.



Do home fragrances have an expiry date?

No, our purifying scents do not have an expiry date.

Can you mix Lampe Berger fragrances?

No, mixing fragrances can cause chemical reactions with possible formation of substances considered as indoor pollutants, in the liquid or at the instant of diffusion. The variety of the home fragrances range means that you do not have to do your own mixing.

How do you change the fragrance?

The ideal is to have several lamps and use a different fragrance in each one. Alternatively, simply light the burner with So Neutral for 30 minutes before switching to a different home fragrance.

Why is there isopropyl alcohol in Maison Berger fragrances & not another alcohol?

This is the alcohol that perfectly meets the promises of quality and harmlessness of Maison Berger Paris.

How do I know which home fragrance to choose?

To help you choose your purifying scents, there is a description for every variants of the home fragrances to guide you. Lampe Berger retailers and personnel can also help you to discover the perfume that best meets your interior and preference.



What is the point of using a scented reed diffuser?

Maison Berger Paris scented reed diffusers collection is another way of perfuming and decorating your interior with elegance. Intensely and delicately diffuses fragrances for several weeks.

Is it possible to put Lampe Berger perfumes in the scented reed diffuser?

No, Maison Berger perfumes are designed specifically for each diffusion mode and must not be mixed or used otherwise. Make sure to choose the reed diffuser refills for proper fragrance diffusion.

How long is the diffusion time of a scented reed diffuser?

A scented reed diffuser filled with 125ml of perfume diffuses for around 8 weeks.

How can I revive my reed diffuser?

Turn the twigs regularly to optimize the efficiency of your scented reed diffuser. Removing or adding twigs to your reed diffuser regulate the intensity of the perfume and can make it last longer.

When to buy a new twigs?

You need to renew the diffusing twigs every time you use a new perfume in your reed diffuser to fully enjoy the scent.

What is the difference between the black polymer twigs and the willow twigs?

Different twigs are designed for intense and delicate perfuming. Go for a black polymer twigs for intense diffusion and contemporary result or the willow twigs if you prefer a more natural look. While for milder diffusion and a good decorative piece a ceramic in floral shapes is also readily available.



Why mist diffusion stopped while my device was working?

This means that there is an insufficient amount of perfume in the reservoir. Just add the required amount of mist diffuser refill in the receptacle.

How to clean my electric mist diffuser?

There will be a small amount of perfumer residue after each use. When changing perfume, clean the reservoir with a soft cloth before filling it up again with Maison Berger Mist Diffuser refill.

Is the foam that is form in the Maison Berger ready to use solution is normal?

The foam is normally form when the solution is shaken. Just let the solution rest before use.

The diffuser is not turning on.

Make sure that the on/off button on the remote control or under diffuser is pressed down and the power cable is properly plugged in.

Tips to ensure your diffuser works properly:

Only use the Maison Berger Paris mist diffuser refills, using other solution may clog your electric mist diffuser prematurely. Never put water, essential oils and other perfume to your mist diffuser, adding water to the Maison Berger Mist diffuser ready to use solution may produce lime scale that will affect your diffuser.



What is the diffusion time of the fragrance?

Maison Berger car diffuser is rechargeable that provides a lasting scent to your car interior. The ceramic refill ensure optimal use for around 4 weeks.

Where should I put my diffuser in my car?

Just clip your car diffuser on the fan for optimal diffusion.

Are there difference fragrances?

Maison Berger car diffuser fragrance collection is available in Aroma, Lolita Lempicka collection and Anti – odour lines. This adds a decorative touch to your vehicle’s passenger compartment.


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