Breathe in the Right Aroma

Breathe in the Right Aroma

July 01, 2022

Do the drastic changes happening around the world giving you so much stress? Is the unpleasant odor of the air making you lose your focus? Have you lost your motivation in completing your to-do-list? Are you feeling unhappy, anxious, or have you been suppressing your emotion?

Fret not! Maison Berger Aroma Collections is here to help you!

When you’re not in your best mood just breathe in the right aroma and it’ll help you go on with your everyday life.

  1. When you’re feeling stressed and anxious

Such emotions you cannot help but feel since there are a lot of internal and external factors stressing and making you anxious. Aroma-D-Stress Mist diffuser gives you the freshness of the citrus accent of mandarin, bergamot and orange that provides juicy and refreshing scent that helps soothe your mind and ease your tension. And the oriental fragrance of Aroma Relax Reed diffuser is perfect for your meditation and relaxation. To breathe calmly and deeply, eucalyptus and peppermint scent from Aroma Respire Purifying Scent is the right aroma to burn. For that peaceful sleep, use Aroma Dream Mist Diffuser and inhale the relaxing scent of patchouli, lavender, freshness of rose and warmth of vanilla.

You’ll no longer feel stressed and anxious if you have these essential scents in your home and/or office.


  1. When you’re losing focus and being unproductive

One needs motivation to keep that fire burning within and what do you do when that is gone? Where do you find the drive to keep moving forward? Well, here’s our recommendation for you. Before you begin your day, use Aroma Wake Up Purifying Scent, this is filled with fresh eucalyptus, cedar and sandalwood with the tangy scents of Bergamot and spicy ginger that will stimulate your senses enthusiastically. Try to keep that energy throughout the day and get things done, inhale the fruity marine fragrance and smell the scent of the freshness in the warmth of summer. The Aroma Energy Mist Diffuser will boost your vitality and keep you from feeling lazy. You’re now filled with so much energy and you want to keep those creative juices flowing, the Aroma Focus Reed Diffuser is enriched with essential oils from peppermint and rosemary promotes concentration and helps you stay attentive.

You can be the best version of yourself and do so much more with the right aroma diffuser beside you.


  1. When you’re unhappy and suppressing your emotion

You are entitled to feel so but please don’t dwell so much on the negative feeling. You are responsible for your own happiness, and you can attain that with the aid of Aroma Happy Reed Diffuser, you need that scent of crisp green apple and the watery flavors of summer melon to give you serenity and to boost your mood. If you’re happy you feel love, use Aroma Love Mist Diffuser and breathe in the sweet and alluring floral fragrance, orange essence and the freshness of nature supported with vanilla scent, don’t hide your desire, cherish that love.

 The right aroma will make you stay happy and in love.


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Grab yours now and breathe in the right aroma!

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