Home for the Holidays

Home for the Holidays

November 26, 2018


The thought of coming home for the holidays brings along with a lighthearted mood and embraces your heart with the warmth and cheerfulness of home. Maison Berger Philippines will take you Home for the Holidays as we brought you new set of lamps and scented bouquets, purifying scents and fragrances as well as new line to love!


image of Urban Lamps in a table/room


Let your room citified with the new Lampe Berger Urban Lamp Collection. Take a metropolitan feel with your new Lampe Berger Urban lamp and set a modern tone to your home by the creative agency Sapide Designs. An innovation of an architectural reminder of the urbanized city feels in your Lampe Berger Urban lamps.

Lampe Berger Urban Collection, is a new addition to the Christmas Collection, an extravagant line perfect for gift giving season that you surely want to wrap for your friends and family. Lampe Berger Urban lamp comes in Clear, Blue Grey and Green, several choices for each of your friends liking.

Walk back to the recreation of the medieval passages into a prestigious capital in Haussmann's Renovation of Paris. Armand Delsol designed a lamp that echoes the roads that the bourgeoisie used to walk to. The Lampe Berger Haussmann lamps will bring your interior the Haussmann's vision of Paris, bringing out the prestige and incomparable elegance of the city.

Bring in the prestigious recreation of the historical renovation of la Ville des Lumières, Lampe Berger Haussmann line comes in soft Rosewood hue and the immaculate White/Frosted hue that both expresses luxurious subtlety in its lamp.

New purifying scents and parfum fragrances that you will surely love this holiday season.


image of Exquisite Sparkle purifying scent and recharge in a table with a Urban Blue Grey lamp


Let the joyful notes and energy notes from Exquisite Sparkle Purifying Scent and Parfum Fragrance. With combination of champagne, grapefruit and patchouli, along with the floral and energetic notes, Exquisite Sparkle give rise up a happy festive mood.

It clears your cloudy mood, doubts and inner questioning, revitalizing your thoughts, fortifying and invigorating it. Exquisite Sparkle Purifying Scent and Parfum Fragrance helps you to go beyond your inner and outer limits, to accept your individuality and to remain true to your convictions. It also promotes concentration and creativity.


image of Haussmann White with Beneath the Christmas Tree Purifying Scent in a table


The embrace the warm feeling of coming home for the holidays as the Beneath the Christmas Tree Purifying Scent takes you in a winter night with your family in the hearth of the firelace.

Get ready of wrapping that last minute-gifts and packing the suitcases for those who are heading home for the holidays. There’s no place quite like home during this joyous, hectic time of year and Maison Berger Philippines will be home with you for the Holidays.


image of a table with maison berger lamps with a Christmas tree in a background with gifts below it

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