Maison Berger: Essential to an Aromatic Life

Maison Berger: Essential to an Aromatic Life

July 28, 2022

Maison Berger (formerly known as Lampe Berger) has been in the aromachology industry for more than 120 years, making it the most trusted and leading fragrance creator and expert perfumers. We are known for our lampes that purify the air while perfuming the area. As the world continues to evolve and the demands continue to rise, Maison Berger is also continuously developing scents and fragrances best suited for what our customers need. Now we are offering distinctive designs and scents of diffusers, refills, gift sets and even lamp and reed accessories.


It has always been our goal to help you improve the quality of your life and your well-being. We want you to walk into your home, into your office and/or any spaces where your favorite scent will welcome you with great delight. We want our products to gratify both your mind, body and being.

So, what exactly is living an Aromatic Life?

It is living a life breathing in purified indoor air, pleasant scents that are good for relaxation, for productivity, for good concentration, and for boosting vitality. When you are in a good mood, you will be good to everyone around you, so living an Aromatic Life also means treating others pleasantly and kindly.


When should you live an Aromatic Life? 

NOW! Yes, you heard it right, now is the best time to live an Aromatic Life as Maison Berger is having an End of Season Sale where a wide selection of products is up to 50% off from August 1 to 31, 2022 only.

Don’t miss this chance and have a Maison Berger as a staple to your home, office and even to your car and live an Aromatic Life!


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