Maison Berger Rewards Card Extension

Maison Berger Rewards Card Extension

December 27, 2019


We at Maison Berger Philippines are very thankful for your unlimited support and utmost loyalty to our products. You are the reason why we keep on pushing ourselves to be able to serve you and satisfy your needs.

We constantly search for different ways to develop our relationship with you our favored customers. That is why we regularly create different promos and exciting deals in order to show you how much we cared for you as our customers.

These are one of the reasons why we created our Berger Rewards Cards. This loyalty card is a proof that we always think of our customers. Every transaction that you made with us will help you accumulate a certain points that will enable you to enjoy great deals and exclusive rewards that others cannot get.

Below are the information needed for you to understand more about our Berger Reward Cards:

  • Berger Reward card is only available in Sea Stellaire, Inc (SSI) owned and operated retail stores inside some malls. Berger reward card from other outlets cannot be used interchangeably.
  • No minimum amount required to get the Berger Reward Card. 1 stamp for every 1,000 pesos purchase (any products) per transaction or per receipt.
  • If your transaction or receipt is worth 3,995 pesos you will only get 3 stamps, the excess amount worth 995 pesos cannot be used as “fund” for another stamp in another transaction or receipt.
  • Promo items are not included for stamping except for security bank credit card promo and for Paylite options. When customer reaches a stamp with “%” it means customer gets a huge discount on the stated item, the customer may or may not claim the huge discount.
  • When the customer chooses to avail of the discount, the purchased item cannot be used for an additional stamp but the card will not be collected. Stamping will resume on the next non-promo purchase.
  • When the customer chooses not to avail of discount, the stamping shall continue.
  • When customer reaches a stamp with a “Gift Icon” it means the customer is eligible for a milestone reward (Free Item) stated on the card.
  • If the reward amount is Php 1995.00 and the claimed reward is just worth Php 999.00 the excess amount cannot be used as “fund” for next purchase or another transaction.
  • If the reward amount is Php 999.00 and the claimed reward is worth Php 1195.00 the customer will only pay for the remaining balance or as in the example, customer will only need to pay Php 196.00.
  • If the reward amount is Php 3195.00 the client can claim any item accumulated of the value (i.e. 1 liter purifying scent + 1 500 ml purifying scent).

And now we have good news for all of our precious customers. There is no need for you to worry that you have not accumulate enough points to get some rewards. Our Maison Berger Rewards Card will be extended next year until March 31, 2020.

Paired with our Boxing Day promo you will now have a chance to gather enough points and get the rewards that are intended for you. You do not have to renew or replace your card with a new one. You can keep on using the card that you have started to fill up.

Payments in cash, credits, and gift certificate are accepted. This promo can be coupled with any bank promotional activities (Security bank tie up, Paylite promo offers).

The promo will be done through first come first serve transaction or until supplies last. Strictly no reservation of items.

We hope that you continue to support us for the next year and we promise to provide you with the best services possible to satisfy your needs.

We wish you luck for this coming New Year, happy holidays!


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