Scents to make your summer extra spectacular!

Scents to make your summer extra spectacular!

April 01, 2021

Imagine splashing waters. Envision the summer breeze. Recreate the tropics from the comfort of your home with Maison Berger’s scents of summer.

Make the most this season with these hand-picked choices perfect for summer!

  • Green Apple Purifying scent - a perfume recreating the fragrance of apples.  The scent calms stress and improves sleep. Its refreshing aroma helps balance the nervous system.

Green Apple Purifying Scent

  • Zest of Verbana Purifying scent - a fresh and citrus fragrance. The scent helps in cases of slight insomnia, reduces stress and anxiety while calming tension, and helps one to clarify muddled thoughts. One of the favorite fragrances of Lampe Berger users.
Zest of Verbana Purifying Scent
  • Lychee Paradise scent - close to a juicy grape, with a mild flavor of sweetness.  A fragrance of a white flower blending with rose is revealed harmoniously. This delicate fragrance of lychee brings a lighter atmosphere and adds a luxurious feel at home. 

Lychee Paradise Purifying Scent

  • Coconut Monoi Purifying Scent - a refill that will give you the tropical and summer feel that you always wanted. The top note provides you with a sweet and tangy fragrance. The middle note have you experience the warmth of the summer with its honey fragrance together with vanilla. And finally, the base note will make you feel the happiness and joy that can emanate the summer vibes, this coconut fragrance is a must-have!

Coconut Monoi Purifying Scent

What’s more is that Maison Berger is bundling these summer favorites for you.

Here are the detailed PROMO CONDITIONS: 

Buy 1L Zest of Verbana or Green Apple Purifying Scent and just add Php 5.00 more to get a 500ml Coconut Monoi or Lychee Paradise Purifying Scent from April 1, 2021 until May 31, 2021 only!

You make check out the links below for easier shopping of Scents of Summer Promo bundle:

You can avail of this promo by visiting all our physical stores and websites below:

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This promo can be coupled with any bank promotional activities and gift certificates.

Get as much as your heart’s desire as there is no limit of purchase for this summer offering. So shop now and enjoy your summer to the max!

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