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March 09, 2020


With the new addition of two persons who are found positive with the COVID 19 virus in the Philippines, the widespread fear and anxiety that it creates in the community is now starting to affect the normal lives of the common people.

The Government provides tips on how to keep you safe from this type of virus:

  • wash your hands regularly with an alcohol based hand sanitizer or soap
  • Regularly disinfect or clean your surface areas such as kitchen, desks or working table
  • Avoid going in crowded places.
  • If you are talking with a person, keep distance of at least one meter
  • And avoid contact with people who display symptoms of flu like sneezing and coughing.

With the current happenings worldwide, it is better to go an extra mile when it comes to staying healthy. Our Lampe Berger products, which started as a pharmaceutical dispenser in France, help destroy unpleasant smell and bacteria in the air. It prevents spreading of diseases and viruses in an enclosed room thus, making it a perfect tool for additional protection of your family.  Don't just sanitize your hands; purify the air in your home as well!

And with the present situation where everyone is advised to stay away as much as possible to any crowded areas, we provide convenience by buying our products through online shopping, delivered directly at your doorsteps.

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Keep yourself safe all the time and remember to always have a positive mindset regardless of what is happening.

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