“Smell is the sense of memory and desire” from Jean – Jacque Rosseau, a swiss-born philosopher.

Aromatheraphy VS Aromachology

Aromatherapy is a combination of Aroma and Therapy. Aroma meaning scents or fragrances and Therapy (Tx) which is synonymous to treatment in the medical field. With this said, Aromatherapy seeks to find therapeutic uses for essential oils. It is a discipline that uses various essential oils (natural essence from plants) to improve a person’s health. Aromatherapy believes that plant essences have natural healing power. As an example, imagine using an essential oil in a diffuser, Aromatherapy believes that the compounds released from the plants help heal the body and that fragrances are a natural by product.

Similarly, Aromachology puts two words together, Aroma and Psychology and is the scientific study on the relationship of scents and the reaction they produce in the human brain. Aromachology analyzes how fragrances can produce a psychological reaction and emotional change in humans. While Aromatherapy’s primary focus is to use essential oils to treat and at times prevent illnesses, Aromachology’s emphasis is the psychological reactions and benefits of certain fragrances. For Instance, Aromachologists would study on the ideal scent to place inside a meeting room for a corporate gathering to prompt focus and attention of the participants or recommend an aroma to be placed in spas to promote optimum relaxation.

While there are notable differences between both practices, one never invalidates the other and often proves beneficial when used hand in hand.

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